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Top Tips for Traffic Racer-Part 4

(Editor:Jo 1/11/2015)
9Game: Here comes the last part of game tips for Traffic Racer. Let's read it together.
5. Be Patient
No thing worth having comes easy in life, and it’s the same in Traffic Racer. In order to get the 145,000 BMW or the 175,000 Range Rover, you need to have A LOT of patience and to play the game as much as possible. Play it every day whenever you get the chance and you will eventually make enough cash to get the most expensive cars.
BONUS TIP: Do not spend the cash you earned on useless stuff like new colors, wheels or environments. Instead, spend them on upgrades! This will improve your car and will allow you to eventually make more cash and buy better cars.

Have fun!In case you were looking for some Traffic Racer hacks or cheats, you came to the wrong place! This article offers you tips on how to make more money and be able to buy more cars, but you will still need to play the game for a few hours in order to get all the cars, colors, wheels, upgrades and environments.

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