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Top Tips for Traffic Racer-Part 2

(Editor:Jo 1/9/2015)
9Game:Would you like to make more money in the hot game called Traffic Racer? Have you used te tips I told you before? Let's move on reading the article.

2. Go for Speed and Distance, Not Overtakes

You may initially be tempted to do a lot of close overtakes, as these will give you the most points. Yes you will have a very high score, but this doesn’t also mean you will make more cash! The money you get on close overtakes are insignificant compared to those you get for driving above 100 kmh for as long as possible, for driving a longer distance and for driving on the opposite lane.

3. Play the Endless Two-Way Mode
Yes, this is the most difficult mode to play but you will also make more money, especially when you drive in the opposite direction. So keep your speed just slightly above 80 kmh and try to drive on the opposite lane for as long as possible. Of course, it’s ok to get on the first lane too and drive a longer distance and try to go over 100 kmh.

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