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Controls & Options

In order to change the controls, use the 'Options' area on the main title page. You can alter the following between Touch Controls, and Tilt Controls, and Analog Stick.

  • Tilt - On by default. Tilting left turns you left, tilting right turns you right.
  • Touch - Offers an arrow in the bottom of each corner. Tapping or holding will turn you in the direction.
  • Analog - Once you tap the screen, a joystick appears. You can drag your thumb left or right to turn.
  • You can have this Manual or Auto. Manual will cause you to have to tap / hold your thumb down on the screen to go. Auto will cause your car to start and go, and continue to go constantly. All you have to do is steer and brake. This is great for Time Trials.

GFX Quality
  • Normal - This is the game default.
  • High - May cause low performance on some devices.
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